printed wrap moonrise taninaka
printed wrap moonrise taninaka

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printed wrap moonrise taninaka

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Botanika wrap will be your life saver through all your motherhood and family travels.

Taninaka muslin wraps are luxurious double layer organic cotton, and OEKO-TEX dyed. Free from harmful dyes and toxins, our wraps are ideal for your newborns soft and sensitive skin.

All wraps are multi-purpose and can also be used as a play mat, to clean up spills, as a comforter, as a sarong or a headscarf.  No baby giraffes here. Just thoughtful, timeless design - here to make your mess beautiful.

The sun, the stars, the moon, the sea, the solid earth, and all the beings within it. Enjoy all of this beautiful life, show your babies the world.

Made from  100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin 

120cm x 120cm